Growing up in a musical family, Lorrèn always knew she wanted to become a musician and perform on stage. And with a talent like hers, it’s no wonder she actually made that dream happen. Other musicians and radiostations acknowledged that. Especially after releasing ‘The Game of Love’. DJ Paul Rabbering from the Dutch radiostation Radio 2 announced her to be ‘Radio 2 Talent’. Also, her impressive list of performances in The Netherlands and the planned international shows, prove that this 23-year old lady is up for something big.

In October 23, Lorrèn released her debut album Shades of Blue. On which you can hear that her inspirational sources are artists as Selah Sue, Amy Winehouse and her personal heroine Ella Fitzgerald. She hopes she can touch the hearts of her listeners with her music, like those artists touched hers. It’s for you to find out when you listen to these two acoustic versions of ‘Set The Rules’ and ‘Struggle’ by Rockstone Sessions.

Camera: Elhadji N’Diaye
Edit: Elhadji N’Diaye
Sound: Rob Kanters
Mixer: Rob Kanters

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