Lowlands festival has once again proved to be one of Netherlands’ finest. It provided the most diverse program one can ever wish for. Amongst all the talented musicians performing there, it’s a fest of cultural shows, theatre, art, and science. At Lowlands, the party never really ends from arrival upon moment of leaving. The early after hours were spent dancing the night away, while day time provided you with awesome concerts. Our favourites? Check them out below!

Anderson.Paak & The Free Nationals

Is there anything this born performer can’t do? We loved his vibe, the energy, and his music. Starting off with heavy guitar riffs, this show was about to seem like a rock concert instead of a Hip Hop concert. That changed a bit after the first two tracks, but nonetheless, adding a band really changes the Hip Hop vibe for the better. Anderson.Paak plays the drums himself, while singing and rapping. It just gives the show an entirely different feel that is one of a kind!



Love them or hate them, this show was on fire! The Dutch Hip Hop group from Rotterdam makes easy hits and bubbling beats. The sound may not be your favourite, but the status is ‘party’ and everybody can join. Making an entire audience squat to the floor and collectively jump up when the beat drops and making sure everybody danced, bounced and sang along. These guys know how to hype up an audience. That’s nice.



All hail KAYTRANADA, master of production, remixes and danceable tunes. This dj proves his worth by addressing a very diverse audience. Carelessly mixing his own bangers from the 99,9% album with r&b/hip hop classics. We were all hiding from the rain and found sunshine at his show.

(A glimpse of KAYTRANADA in a Boiler Room session)


How lovely this British singer is. High pitched voice, sweet melodies and poppy songs with a twist of electronic infused r&b. This was one of those shows that ended before you even realized it started. She sucked you in and mesmerized with a flawless performance.



With her mesmerizing voice the Scandinavian 20 year old took the crowd on a true journey with beautiful songs. Her shy giggles, elegant dance moves and open heart to promote the artwork of a fan, made it even more enjoyable to watch the show.



M83 never gets boring. Trust me on this one. Its esotherical feel, light show and stretched out songs are captivating. When their life time hit ‘Midnight City’ started, the crowd woke up from what seems to be some sort of trance, just to get hooked to their music even more. Job well done M83!


The Last Shadow Puppets

A bunch of crazy Brits who know how to make a party. Since front man of the Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner created this band, you get that same Arctic Monkeys feeling (daaaamn that sexy voice!). At times it was hard to contain myself from slipping on the dance floor. The other moments made me wanna jump around like a crazy person and party!

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