After James Mercer released After the Disco with Broken Bells in 2014, the question that rose to my mind was: but what about his band The Shins? After the release of their album Port of Morrow in 2012, the Indie band led by James Mercer was in the dark for four years.

In those four years we got one song on the soundtrack of Zach Braff his movie Wish I Was Here and a cover of the Beatles song ‘The World’ for Netflix’ Beat Bugs. However, recently we were teased with new snippets on Instagram and pictures of the band in the studio

With no further concrete information we were still left in the dark until James Mercer appeared in a radio interview. James Mercer stated that the album is finished and gave us a release window by saying: “It looks like it will be coming out next year. Early next year, like January, hopefully, 2017.” He also added: “I think lyrically, I’m better than I ever was. And I think my songwriting is stronger than it ever was.” So that gives us enough reasons to look forward to the new record.

On September second The Shins took the stage in Village Underground, for the first time since 2013. At the end of the show two new songs were debuted, and luckily for us Redditor LostToTheLight recorded these for our viewing and listening pleasure.

Dead Alive

Rubber Balls

It’s only a matter of time until we can listen to the record ourselves and enjoy the new songwriter skills that James Mercer talked about in the interview, in the mean time we got the two new songs to enjoy.