As one might know, the enfant terrible of pop music – Justin Bieber/the Biebs/monkeylover – is touring through Europe. The kid is selling out every venue within a wink of an eye, but still remains a normal human being doing grocery shopping at the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn with his buddy Martijn Garritsen (also known as Martin Garrix). Justin is both one of the most loved and hated artists of modern day and age, and I am probably way too old (28, so I guess I’m fine) to be actually excited about being one of those idiots to visit his show.

Like at every huge music concert with an A-list celeb, there are fans. And not just your regular ‘I like this music, so I listen to it a lot’-fan. Nope. There is a huge array of fans; from the hysterical girl that rubs her moms dildo in hot sauce because she said Justin was a ‘faggot’ (it’s messed up, I know), to the one that has practiced every Bieber choreography there is. And what place is better to spot all of them in real life than at a Justin Bieber concert?

That’s why Rockstone Sessions thought it would be nice to make a game out of it. It’s not often you get to see all of them united, so it should be easy. Let us introduce you to Bieber Bingo! We made you guys a custom made bingo card on which we have described 9 types of fans. Spot them all to complete the card – preferably take a picture with them to make sure you ‘catch them all’.


– Print the Bieber Bingo card or take screenshot on your phone
-Go to the Justin Bieber show
– Every time you spot one of the fans as in the description, you check one off
– Upload any pic you have of you or anybody else playing this game on social and use the #bieberbingo
– Share your score with Rockstone Sessions
– Challenge your mates

– Super extra bonus points if you take a pic of every fan and upload it with the hashtag #bieberbingo

Good luck!