Last week we told you about our musical favourites of the Motel Mozaique festival in Rotterdam. Obviously, we check them out, but we have also seen a few unfamiliar faces we would love to share with you. Because as you probably know, we’re not the ones to kiss and not tell.

First stop: Novo Amor. Mesmerizing sounds by the British singer-songwriter who in daily life goes by the name of Ali John. We got carried away and by the end of the show we had almost forgotten it was only 2:30 pm. Once outside again the sunshine stroked us delightfully in the face, we were ready to move on. As we checked out the crowd, we noticed a very Spring-like Dutch dress code: all the girls went for short skirts and breezy tops, while the guys figured ‘sun’s out, guns out’. We decided to treat ourselves to the best fries of Rotterdam at Bram Ladage and a milkshake. Seriously, if you’re ever in Rotterdam, treat yourself to Bram Ladage.

We arrived a little later than expected due to our lack of strength to resist the fried stuff and sweet juices and we went for something more tranquilo: the stunning piano sounds of the tough looking but not so tough piano play by Joep Beving. De Schouwburg didn’t fail to impress us as they do every year. Everyone had to sit down, some even lied down on the floor to fully embrace the sweet creations Joep made about his little daughter and her friends for example.

Still in the relaxed vibes we decided to go to the performance by the lovely Mahalia in yet another stunning venue. This time it was at the Paradijskerk. And if you understand Dutch, the name already describes it’s a little bit like paradise. Beautiful lighting covered the church in a red haze. This 17 year old British girl met all of our expectations. The rest of the audience felt the same since everybody immediately stopped talking when she started singing.

A strange movie caught our attention in Worm afterwards. It was something about the first encounters between a documentary maker and Craigslist users. Somewhat different to what we expected and at some points even slightly disturbing, it gave us plenty to talk about afterwards during dinner and was a starting point for interesting conversations and discussions about controversy, sex and film making. The documentary was called Craigslist Allstars by Samira Elagoz. Still in the vibe of Samira’s documentary we decided to stay in the artsy theatre/film vibe and watch Cecilia Bengolea & Francois Chaignaud. It sounded really promising and it probably was, but since we got caught up in heated discussions about Craigslist users we arrived a few minutes too late. The venue was packed and we weren’t allowed to enter. If you’ve seen this performance, let us know, we’re still curious!

We decided to go for something entirely different than what’ve seen all day, so we stayed in the Schouwburg to watch Anna Meredith. Super experimental sounds, with strong chellos and awesome paint visuals in the background created a setting of a certain trance. To be honest, we have no idea how to describe the sounds she created, so better check it out ourself online.

Nobody likes a queue, but if an act is really good you’re willing to go the extra mile, in a queue that is. We were willing to wait for The Lemon Twigs. Beatle-ish styled guys with loose pants and funky blazers made the guitars screaming and high levels of energy hit the roof in no-time. The Lemon Twigs definitely rocked the show. Still buzzin’ and satisfied by the inspiring weekend we had, it was time to get back to reality and head home. Motel Mozaique you were amazing, see you next year!