Eurosonic Noorderslag is on a roll! Not only are ticket sales going like crazy (if you are thinking about going, you better decide fast), but this week ESNS also announced yet another 42 acts to play at the festival in January. If you’ve been following our previous coverage of ESNS, you know a better part of the line-up so far consists of electronic music. But with this release we find a great number of pop, indie and alternative acts to even out your options. We went through all 42 acts and picked out some artists you should definitely listen to.

And the Golden Choir

So far, a lot of good stuff has come from Germany, and this impressive one-man initiative definitely fits the category. The man behind And the Golden Choir is Tobian Siebert and calling him a pop prodigy is not an exaggeration. Siebert uses instruments like the marimba, the harmonium and the guitar and combines it with his beautiful vocals and a turntable to create a sound that is so layered that you would think there’s an entire band behind him.

Blaue Blume

Go back in time with the sounds of this Danish band. Blaue Blume‘s music is dreamy and takes you right to the eighties. We were thinking The Smiths. If, after listening, you make the link to Sigur Ros or Jeff Buckley, you are also not very far off. Their sound is nostalgic but lush and layered and is maybe best described as artsy pop.

Broken Back

Broken Back takes the best of both worlds by fusing different styles. On the one hand the music is infused with folky guitars and warm vocals, but on the other hand there are tropical electronic beats. And though it may sound like a strange combination, it works surprisingly well. The result is fresh and vibrant and may remind you a little bit of Milky Chance.

Graham Candy

Close your eyes and be amazed. The quirky voice of Graham Candy will surely surprise you. The singer-songwriter is originally from New Zealand, but currently resides in Berlin. If his voice sounds familiar to you, check out his megahit ‘She Moves together with producer Alle Farben (who’s also playing at Eurosonic). His songs will remind you of summer and make you want to dance. 


This German duo is something else. The Grandbrothers produce electronic music, but at the base of it all is a grand piano. But by hooking up the piano to a laptop and a system of electromechanical hammers, they create beautiful cinematic-like music. Add some modern soundscapes to the mix, et voila! Whether you want to call their music neo-classical, electronic or something else, I think we can all agree that this duo is nothing short of fascinating.

Jesper Munk

This singer-songwriter from Germany makes the kind of music you can never have enough of. Jesper Munk combines his raw voice with blues influenced guitar to create a sound that is maybe not new but beautifully classic. With the release of his last album Munk has proven he’s also incredibly diverse. Using influences such a post punk, glam rock and soul, Munk is anything but a one-trick-pony.

Pleasure Beach

This band from Ireland bonded over their love of coffee, before starting to play music. If the members of Pleasure Beach make coffee that is as half good as their music, we would like to become friends. Their music is maybe best described as synth-pop but is really more than that. Others have called it ‘stadium-pop’ or ‘krautrock’ and that seems pretty accurate.


The Italian Marco Zitellli makes hauntingly beautiful tracks that are both folky and atmospheric. Tranquil and post-rock-ish. Zitelli remains somewhat of a mystery to us, as my Italian is not great, but luckily his songs speak for him.


OIJ means ‘Only In Japan’, but don’t let that fool you, because the mastermind behind OIJ is from Amsterdam. ‘Blinded’, his debut single, shows how diverse OIJ’s music is. This singer and producer makes music that is best described as cinematic electro pop. OIJ is just getting started and headed for big things if you ask us. 

Steven’n’ Seagulls

We just had to share this with you. These guys from Norway, and their signature pony (yes, the animal), take metal and rock songs and turn them into bluegrass rockabilly. What more can we say? If this doesn’t make you smile then we don’t know what will. Did we mention the band has a signature pony?

These are our favorites, but if you think we missed one, be sure to let us know in the comment section or via Facebook. Catch you at the next update!