Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) is on a personal mission to torture every music lover with an abundance of great choices. The second part of our Eurosonic massive line-up breakdown consists of nothing but great artists. It pained yours truly to even make a choice. But after a long struggle, we are happy to present you with some Rockstone recommendations.

Marble Sounds

The Belgian band Marble Sounds makes music that is maybe best described as melancholic indie rock. Some of their songs feel intimate; others are marked by the presence of an intense percussion. Their third album is on the way and promises to be vastly different without losing its signature melancholy.

Rag’n Bone Man

If you can, listen to Rag’n Bone Man’s track with your eyes closed. The English Rory Graham has a truly unique voice. It is grand and reserved, soulful and layered, raw and light all at the same time. If you then open your eyes and take in his bearded, tattooed appearance, it’ll probably surprise you. Graham uses influences from funk, soul and hiphop to create his amazing sound. 


Chances are you have heard Rationale’s catchy song ‘Fast Lane’. The song is the perfect mix of pop and electronic and if it’s any indication of Rationale’s other music we are all in for a treat. On the stage, Rationale’s frontman Tinashé Fazakerley is assisted by a couple of musicians which reportedly makes for an emotionally beautiful act. 


The sound of Saveus is another truly unique one. This Danish initiative only recently released their first song, which is four minutes of beautiful electro-pop energy. The rest of Saveus is a mystery waiting to be unraveled at Eurosonic.


This duo from the United Kingdom produces calming and beautiful tracks that seem to be made to listen to on your night off. Or on your way to work. On any occasion really. The music is soothing, the vocals are haunting and the lyrics are meaningful. The duo named their band Seafret, after the local word for the mist banks that would cover the sea in summer.

Shake Shake Go

Ever wondered what spring would sound like? If you have ever wondered that, the French band Shake Shake Go has the answer for you. Their folky pop music sounds like the first rays of sun after winter. Shake Shake Go’s front woman Poppy Jones has a voice you are likely to remember. Combines that with catchy guitar rhythms and beautiful harmonies and you have something special.

Son Mieux

Chances are, you have heard of Camiel Meiresonne’s newest project Son Mieux. The former front man of All Missing Pieces went into a different direction, now producing beautiful (electronic) pop songs. Son Mieux defines his music as “songs written at 7 am”. And they feel like that, melancholic, peaceful, and beautiful.


Hopefully you are not tired of electronic music yet, because we have another great recommendation for you. The Belgian group Vuurwerk produces tracks that are intimate, intense but so, so danceable. If you need a melodic club experience, make sure you catch Vuuwerk’s set at Eurosonic.

That was it for today, stay tuned for our recommendations regarding Noorderslag later this week! Catch you at the next update!