You see them at every festival: dressed up visitors who go all out to stand out of the crowd. Now Rockstone Sessions is filming at Paaspop, we decided to talk to the most visitors with the most inspiring and creative outfits we could find and ask them about the story behind their colourful appearance. Here is our top 5, plus some extra special looking in a video, to capture the first impressions of Paaspop.

Cool Outfits small-2

Patrick a.k.a. Voll a.k.a. Spagettimonster

“I’m chasing stars (sweeps some sort of tennis racket around with a fluffy star attached to it, when demonstrating this fact). Also, I’m the flying Spagettimonster of the Flying spagettimonster Church in Nijmegen. Basically, everything that’s logic to most, I avoid at all costs.”
“I’ve been going to Paaspop since the first days, but since 6 years I’m going with our collective called Boomshakalak. When I’m not at this festival I’m a streetartist, but I’m not getting the recognition I think I deserve. I’m a free spirited artist at the top. And the top is better than the bottom, where everybody walks over you.”

Cool Outfits small-7Janneke & Cornee

C: “We’ve been coming to Paaspop since 6 years, I guess. The first time around was because I got free tickets form a colleague. Janneke started it out as an employee here. From the first time we were hooked.”
“I always try to look special in some sort of way, but this year I tried to match the logo a bit more.”
J: “Well, this is the first time you’re properly dressed up like this, but you’re always stylish though! It’s just extra special now.”

Cool Outfits small-10

Sjef & Shoobya (the cockatoo)

“Shoobya will turn 19 in August this year. It’s a Moluccan Cockatoo – but born in Antwerp, Belgium – I got when it was 11. By now my hobby got a little bit out of control, since I have 9 birds now. I can’t bring them all, but it’s my second time around now and I might surprise my son who’s here as well. Shoobya is getting a lot of attention, that’s for sure!”

Cool Outfits small-13

Tessa & Ruben

J: “It’s just fun to dress up like this, plus you get a lot of hugs. That’s effect you have on people when wearing a onesie!”
R: “It’s our second time at Paaspop and we’re planning on wearing this onesie the entire weekend.”
J: “We are going to change the shirts underneath though!”

J: “We really want to see Memphis Maniacs and Jett Rebel. The ‘We Are Electric’ tent is also very cool.”
R: “I agree.” (Ruben agreed with everything Tessa said by the way. Such harmony.)

Cool Outfits small-16Ban-aan (as in, Banana, whilst lacking a real name) & Frankie von Hees

F: “This is our second time at Paaspop and also the second time we dressed up. Last year I was a pirate.”
B: “I was something way worse than I am now. Can you imagine me in spandex? That’s no fun for anybody, just for me.”
F: “Friday dress-up day!”


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