Of course, Christmas is all about family, friends, food and drinks. About bright lights and being together with your loved ones. But most of all, it’s the time of year where you have the time and peace to finally catch up on series and documentaries. If you don’t have a list already, we have a few amazing music documentaries to watch when you’re done explaining to your family why you don’t have your life sorted out yet. Merry Netflix-mas and chill!

Stretch and Bobbito (1h38m)

In this documentary we get to know the legendary radio dj’s Stretch and Bobbito. During the 1990s, the New York duo introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun, as well as an unknown Jay Z, Eminem, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their show exceed 300 million. Showing how important radio can be for beginning artists and how the two friends know their stuff!

Hip Hop Evolution

We’re staying with Hip Hop. After all, nowadays it’s one of the most influential music styles around. And that started somewhere at a certain point in time. In this Netflix series we look back on the origins of Hip Hop, when the kids of the Bronx crammed into house parties, rec rooms, and public parks to hear music like they’d never heard it before.


If you haven’t seen this serie yet, please do now. It may not be on Netflix (HBO serie, sorry, we’re cheating), but don’t let the fact that it stopped after one season, stop yóu. This is great stuff! It’s Rock ‘n Roll like you’ve always imagined it. Based in New York, in the seventies, you see how a music executive gets lost in drugs and music, while still trying to run a business.

The Get Down

Another serie – unlike a documentary – but a good one! Yet again based in New York during the seventies, this serie shows you how music like Hip Hop and Disco develops and prevails in a bankrupt New York City via the likes of four teenage friends in the Bronx.

Marley (2h24m)

An impressive documentary about the legendary Bob Marley. On his life and on his music, his legacy lives on forever. The documentary focusses mainly as seen through the eyes of those who knew him and contributed to the documentary, including Bunny Wailer, Rita Marley, Lee “Scratch” Perry and others. It’s a fresh look on the musical legend with a lot of archive video as well.

What happened, Miss Simone? (1h42m)

Yet again, an impressive documentary about another legendary artist called Nina Simone, who wanted more than just be a star. She was also a civil rights activist. The documentary combines previously unreleased archival footage and interviews with Simone’s daughter and friends. The title of the film was taken from a Maya Angelou quote.

Of course, there are many other documentaries that you have to see, that are not on Netflix (like ‘Amy’ or ‘Searching for Sugar Man), but good luck with checking these out first! Happy holidays!

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