On Tuesday November 17, Eurosonic Noorderslag announced an enormous addition to their line-up. No less than 116 names were added to the 2016 edition of the festival. Like you’re used to now, Rockstone went through all the names and picked out some of our favorites. To make it easier for you (and us) we divided this update in three parts. So there’s more to come, but first check out these amazing acts!

Barns Courtney

The songs of this UK born singer-songwriter make for a perfect roadtrip companion. Somewhere between blues and pop, the rhythms are catchy and Courtney’s voice is hard not to love. His song Fire was recently picked up by Bradley Cooper and Harvey Weinstein and used for the soundtrack of the new movie Burnt. Just in time, because Courtney thought his big break was never gonna happen.

Charlie Cunningham

When you first hear Charlie Cunningham playing guitar, your mind will likely travel to Spain for a second. Cunningham is famed for his unique way of playing guitar, a big part of what makes his cheery folk-like songs so catchy. BBC DJ Zane Lowe named him the ‘next hype’, and if you’ve been following our ESNS coverage you know that if Lowe says it, it’s probably true.

Charlotte OC

This girl from the UK has serious superstar potential. Charlotte OC’s sexy tracks have been featured on several television shows, probably because of their melodic feel. Charlotte OC mixes house, gospel, folk, soul and electronic, creating an eclectic sound which, together with her enchanting voice, makes for a unique mix.

Coma (DE)

If you’re looking to dance, be sure to give the German guys of Coma a listen. Their songs are electronic, but border on pop which also makes them totally accessible if you’re still getting used to all the computer generated music. Coma calls their music cosmic techno pop, and if you spend half a minute listening to one of their tracks you’ll hear they are right.


Another lady with big-league potential. The beautiful Norwegian native makes folky pop that will make you want to hit the repeat button. Dagny means new day and her fresh sound seems to fit that name extremely well.


If you have ever wondered what Finland would sound like, Hexvessel will give you the answer. At times, Hexvessel will sound like a folk song that will transport you to a Finnish cabin in the wood. But don’t be fooled. Using influences of 60s and 70s English folk/psych, their music gets eerily psychedelic. Atmospheric and hypnotic in the best way possible. Especially their older work will give you chills and remind you to never walk through a dark forest alone.

James Gruntz

Catchy and light are the first words that come to mind when listening to the Swiss singer songwriter James Gruntz. His pop songs are infused with funk and soul that makes you wish it was summer. If you are looking to escape the dark days of January for a little while, make sure to get your dancing shoes, a cocktail and catch James Gruntz.


What starts as a cute singer-songwriter tune quickly turns into a folky electronic masterpiece. The first track of the Swedish initiative Johanan leaves you wanting more. Go On (Let It Go) is a majestic song that deserves to be heard in the right setting. If you can, listen to it through a good sound system, or better yet, catch Johanan’s set at Eurosonic.

King Charles

This talented London native is living proof that unprecedented talent and being-at-right-place-at-the-right-time is not necessarily a formula for success. Charles toured with Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale and Laura Marling and his song ‘Love Lust’ won the Nashville International Songwriting Competition. Not surprisingly his debut album also got raving reviews from the critics. But somehow the public never followed. We would not know why. His folky pop songs are beautiful and catchy and definitely deserve recognition.

Julian & Der Fux

If you’re in need of something completely different, try this Austrian duo. Julian und Der Fux are maybe best described as 1980s German electro-pop. Whether you think the songs are danceable, sexy, or if the German whispering makes you giggle, this duo sure is worth a little bit of your valuable ESNS time.

Are you left wanting more? Be sure to check out the Eurosonic Noorderslag website for all the names, or just wait for part 2 of our update. Oh – one more thing, if you’re looking for some tunes that will guarantee an epic dance party, be sure to check out Bazzookas or Dubioza Kolektiv and prepare to get sweaty! Catch you at the next update!