Alcuna Wilds is a British/Dutch band based in the Netherlands. The band creates atmospheric trip-rock music, combining ambient soundscapes, driving beats and strong melodic riffs, with rich, melancholic vocals and observant, reflective lyrics. Formed of members from both sides of the North Sea, their diverse influences contribute to their distinctive sound. Their latest EP ‘Nothing Is Nothing’ was released on 25th January 2019, and this is their track entitled “Nothing”.

In the past three years the band have chalked up more than 100 shows throughout the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Belgium. These have included performances at some of the Netherlands’ top music venues, such as AFAS Live (Amsterdam), Vera (Groningen), Patronaat (Haarlem), Ekko (Utrecht) and Hedon (Zwolle), and at festivals such as Greenbelt Festival (UK), Stroud Fringe Festival (UK), Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam (NL), La Truite Magique (BE), Surfana (NL), and Popronde (NL). The band have supported national and international acts, such as Sigur Ros (IS), Still Corners (UK), Gallops (UK), Thought Forms (UK), Dralms (CA), Sea Change (NO), Tears & Marble (NL) and Throws (UK). In January 2019 the band were invited to perform at the European showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen to promote their new EP.

Camera: Elhadji N’Diaye
Sound: Michael Boulas
Edit: Michael Boulas