We got given the address to Holland’s smallest theater, Torpeda Theater, where we were met by a 5 man band led by Desi Ducrot. This theater is so small we had to put one of her band members behind the bar to manage to be able to fit to film these sessions… but it was worth it! Desi Ducrot combines a modern pop sound with her love for Americana which she blends so effortlessly. With an array of instruments from guitar to melodica, and from bass to dobro, Desi filled this unique little theater with her honest and beautiful songs reminiscent of Florence & The Machine if they were from Mississippi.
Having released her Album “In Too Deep” last year, Desi has been growing and garnering a lot of attention around the country. Radio shows, PopRonde, finalist of Amsterdamse Pop Prijs… it’s easy to see why she’s performing so much! We had the pleasure of filming two wonderful acoustic sessions with her which you can view below, and we are very curious what is next for the lovely Desi Ducrot!

Camera: Elhadji N’Diaye
Sound: Michael Boulas
Edit: Michael Boulas