Songbird is a two day festival showcasing fifty of the most talented and promising singer-songwriters currently touring Europe, all brought together under the roof of one of Rotterdam’s most famous music venues. Add an appreciative crowd in an intimate setting and you have a good idea of how much Rotterdam’s Songbird Festival rocks. And of course, Rockstone was there!

We picked some of our favourite artists and coaxed them out onto the wintery streets of Rotterdam and into the warmth of a nearby café to perform and talk to our presenter Nadja. Day two of the festival brought Rockstone all kinds of Dutch talent. From winners and contestants of the Dutch tv-show The Best Singer-Songwriter of Holland to folkies and Frisians, just about every corner of the Netherlands came to Rotterdam to showcase their musical abilities.

Tangarine (NL)

As one of the ‘house bands’ of the Dutch tv-show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, the two Tangarine twins Arnout and Sander Brinks have already gained critical acclaim with the Dutch public. What better way to further the shine of their upbeat yet traditional harmonica infused folk music than to play Rockstone a tune or two at Songbird Festival in Rotterdam?

Tangarine sat down with our presenter Nadja to talk about what it’s like to be “the hardest working twins” in Holland, and how wine and a campfire inspired their album ‘Seek & Sigh’.

The Interview

Tangarine – Eyes Keep Lookin’

Tangarine – It Will Not Bother Me

Michael Prins (NL)

This Dutch singer-songwriter rose to fame by winning the competition for Best Singer-Songwriter of Holland. Even though Prins may not like the title, as he tells us, it does “get him to places”…like Songbird! Prins’ also shares his secret songwriting tips and what budding musicians should do…

The Interview

Michael Prins – Lover And A Man

Judy Blank (NL)

Judy Blank describes her music als “honest piano pop with a heart”. This young singer-songwriter already managed to impress veteran Seasick Steve when she performed at North Sea Jazz festival and he asked her on stage to play for her. Blank was also one of the finalists on the Dutch tv-show ‘The Best Singer-Songwriter of Holland’. She sat down at Songbird Festival to talk to our presenter Nadja about her song ‘Foolish Child’, her musical developments this past year, and the upcoming year.

The Interview

Judy Blank – When The Storm Hits

Judy Blank – Ten Years Old

When We Are Wild (NL)

Whoever thought the Frisians don’t have or know good music: think again. There has been a lot of great stuff coming out of the North, lately. For example: When We Are Wild, a band surrounding frontman Hille Stellingwerf, who grew up in the Frisian village of Witmarsum. The band draws inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver and Ben Howard, which you can tell by WWAW’s catchy popsongs.

When We Are Wild took our presenter Nadja over to the wild side when she sat down with them for a chat about being a band of brothers, how beer helps them with everything and more importantly: the fact that they’re playing Noorderslag festival in Groningen in January 2014.

The Interview

When We Are Wild – ‘Scuse Me

Angela Moyra (NL)

Angela Moyra is no stranger to the singer-songwriter scene in Holland: she’s competed for the Best Singer-Songwriter of Holland, she’s been 3FM Serious Talent, she’s gotten her 1 minute of musical fame on the famous Dutch tv-show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’. Moyra’s love song ‘Bubbalu’ warmed up not only the Rockstone team but also a nippy Rotterdam square at Songbird Festival 2013.

Moyra talked to Rockstone about her very first standing ovation from a packed venue at Songbird, her best friend The Guitar and how her career has developed thus far.

The Interview

Angela Moyra – Bubbalu

Rilan and The Bombardiers (NL)

Rilan and The Bombardiers is the band surrounding the Haarlem native Rilan Ramhane, who takes his Bombardiers on the road to make funky soul and rock infused pop songs. Just like his height might surprise you (the man could be an NBA-player), his vocal range is stunning. Just watch and listen to ‘Wait and See’.

Rilan and The Bombardiers – Wait and See

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