Ready for a trip to Eastern Europe? Projekt Rakija, named after a fruity, alcoholic drink, takes you to Bosnia and surroundings with their folkesque sound and upbeat songs. With their so called ‘Balkan trumpets’, high energy beats and screaming guitars, the band brings you nothing else than music that makes you want to pull up your skirt or roll up your sleeves for some serious dancing. The group formed around gitarist  Igor Sekulovic who tries to revive the old Bosnic blues Sevdalinke (meaning ‘love’ or ‘loving’) by adding some spice in the form of tempo, groovy tunes and a little bit of western rock.
The people you see in this session are just a part of the great family Projekt Rakija says it is. They are one big happy group of creative friends who rather have fun than making a lot of money. Their enthusiasm is addictive and contagious, see for yourself.
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