There’s a shroud of mystery surrounding Playground Zer0, one that the group itself seems all too willing to keep alive. An almost cryptic entry on their website suggests the seeds for the band’s formation were sown during ‘playtime’, on the day that ‘three friends find a drum computer on a pile of scrap metal’. What seems for sure though, is that the band has come a long way since then. Their song ‘Electric Lemonade’ was well received by audiences and radio stations alike, earning the song some well deserved airtime on Dutch radio. Having already performed with well known pop/reggae formation Splendid, the group recently released ‘Drop Down’, a PGZ remix featuring rap formation Dope D.O.D. With an album in the works, we think it’s safe to say that playtime is definitely over for these guys; all that awaits now, is total world domination.


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