The mature sound of Anna Rune makes it hard to believe that this Belgian singer songwriter actually just started her career in music. Don’t let Nadja fool you in playing an amazing classical piece on the piano, it’s Anna all the way. And the piano she plays on actually carries a heartbreaking story. Its been made in 1922 and it used to be owned by a woman who played concerts with it. During the war she did something that wasn’t appreciated by the Germans and she got punished brutally. Her fingers got injected with some kind of fluid and as a result she could never play again. Since then, the piano has only been used for teaching. In our session and this interview Anna Rune is the first to perform on it again. You get to witness this moment while you also hear about her extraordinairy talented, musical life which has a classical background. Also you get to find out that besides great musical influences she has had her guilty pleasures when younger.

Camera: Michael Boulas
Sound: Patrick Rietvelt
Edit: Patrick Rietvelt
Location: Piano Studio Jan Guurink

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