Boxerin Club consists of Matteo Iacobis (Guitar/Vocals), Matteo Domenichelli (Bass/Backing Vocals), Gabriele Jacobini (Guitar), Francesco Aprili (Drums/Backing Vocals) and Edoardo Impedovo (Trumpet/Percussions). Yeah, you probably guessed it: these guys are from Italy. They started their band back in 2010 and released their first album called Tick Tock in 2012. Right after that, they had the reputation of being able to beautifully mix multiple genres, such as folk and indie rock. They kept experimenting with different styles in their second album, which even has some dance influences for example. This album is called Aloha Krakatoa (named after an Indonesian volcano) and is available since 2014. This session is of their song ‘Hedgehogs’, which is on that particular CD.

Camera: Patrick Rietvelt
Edit: Patrick Rietvelt
Sound: Rob Kanters
Mixer: Rob Kanters
Location: Portuguese Concept Store Amália, The Hague

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