So here’s a little riddle: what do you get when put five seriously talented South-African musicians with a love for Brass-Dance music in one band? No? Let Rockstone Sessions present you the answer: Nomadic Orchestra. From the first beat to the last there’s no escaping dancing to the tunes of these brass monkeys. Even if you hate to move or bounce just the tiniest bit. No joke. It’s like something awakens from deep within your soul and before you know it you’re tapping your feet, nodding your head and then it hits you. Like a magical spell that’s cast over everybody within hearing distance. Next thing you see are flying crocodiles, sharks and other inflatable goods, while you’re running around in some sort of human tornado without a sense of time or feeling of control whatsoever. A proper Brass safari. And although, when reading this, you may think: what the hell are they talking about this time? This went down for real at MadNes Festival in Ameland (a little island north of the Netherlands), where we filmed the band in a quiet forest. And even then we were at times disturbed by curious party animals crawling up on us from behind because they just couldn’t resist the groove. If you listen closely in this session, when there’s a pause, you hear somebody yelling ‘BANANEN’ (bananas). That was a enthusiastic crowd already. Obviously this was before all the mayhem later that night broke loose. So do enjoy the (unique!) serenity of this second session by Nomadic Orchestra and feel free to dance crazily in the comfort of your own home and mirror, party up!

Camera: Mark Boulas
Edit: Patrick Rietvelt
Sound Recording: Mark Boulas

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