Rockstone is at Eurosonic 2016 and here is how you can join us and be a part of it.

As you may know eurosonic is one of Europe’s biggest showcase festivals, that features and highlights some of the most exciting up and coming artists that are bound to make it in 2016. The festival is full of industry people, whether it’s record labels, manager, bookers or publishers, its where the business meets the business. As a band its the ideal place to promote yourself at the start of the year and get the ball rolling on your musical career.

Rockstone is offering you the opportunity to play in Groningen during eurosnoic at the rockstone showcase event. we will be inviting lots of industry people, contacts and colleagues to come and check out some of the bands we have worked with and are proud to promote.

We are offering one band/artist the opportunity to be amongst all these people and perform on the day of the showcase event. Here is what you have to do to win a chance to strut your stuff on stage (Instructions are below video):

– Check your agenda and make sure you are available on the 15th of January 2016. (Very Important)

– Upload a video of yourself playing one of your own songs acoustically on Facebook. (No covers allowed)

– Tag ‘Rockstone Sessions’ and #ROCKSTONELIVE in the post & tell us why you deserve a place at our event.

– Collect shares, likes, & comments to get our attention.

– We will pick a favourite on the 6th of January and give you the chance to perform at our Rockstone Showcase. The winner will also get an infamous Rockstone Session recorded!

This is an exciting opportunity to get you (or your band’s name) out there, so get playing, get recording and get our attention!