If you have a busy work day ahead, I recommend you to stop reading right now. Seriously, what I am going to show you will mess up your focus. It is called Sampulator and will throw you back to a time when Fruity loops and Garageband was all you need to beat boredom. This is also a music maker, but the easiest one there is. You don’t even need a plugin. Here comes procrastination.

On the Sampulator page you’ll find several samples that you can add to several musical ‘layers’. The tune loops every time, so you can listen to the short track over and over to perfect it all. Pick drums, guitar, keys and a few sensual shout outs (by Drake or DJ Khaled) and you’re good to go!

Sampulator may look something that’s fun to play with for a while, but if you really put some effort in it, you’re able to make some pretty complex and catchy home-made tunes. And if you’re extra proud of your accomplishments – which might make you consider a switch in carreers – you can share the result on Twitter. Here’s an example of somebody that mastered Sampulator.

Want to try out for yourself? Go to Sampulator and make some tunes. We’re obviously very curious about your creations, so tag us on Twitter when sharing! @RS_sessions