No matter where you are, music surrounds you. Seeing is believing and also feeling it. We can assure you that seeing an artist live is way better than sitting at home and listening to their songs on Spotify. Of course we know that everything comes with a price, so once again we made a selection and chose a couple of gigs in Europe, all under fifteen euros. May the music be with you wherever you are! 

Paradiso Grote Zaal (Amsterdam)

Oh Wonder

March 4, 2016

Doors open

Entrance fee: € 15,-

With plenty of success overseas in the USA, the fame of the British duo skyrocketed real quick once they started releasing one song a month until they – finally – released their first album. This led to sold out shows, several press attention and plenty of views online, can they ask for more?

The band also came up with the concept of being the interviewer to their fans every time they meet them. Oh Wonder gets to know their fans and posts the answers on their website. So, who knows, if you choose to go to their gig in Amsterdam you will have a chance to meet them and get to be interviewed. Try it out!

The Limelight 2 (Belfast)

Lucy Spraggan

March 10, 2016

Doors open 19:00

Entrance fee: € ± 15,-

After independently releasing one album in 2011 and having a well settled fan base on Youtube, Lucy took part in the ‘The X Factor‘ competition, where she finished on the ninth place after quitting due to health issues. Luckily, that was not the end of her career. She released two more albums and is currently touring in the UK & Ireland. Most of her concerts are sold out, but we found out that the one on the 10th of March in Belfast still has some tickets. Hurry up, otherwise you will miss it !

Pustervik (Gothenburg – Sweden)

Black River Delta

March 13, 2016

Doors open 19:00

Entrance fee: € ± 11,0

Raw blues vibes and gentleman style is what the Swedish band  Black River Delta stands for. The Scandinavians are quite fond of them. After a series of gigs in Sweden, Norway and the UK, the band will continue their journey all over Germany.

TivoliVredenburg (Utrecht)

Joshua Hyslop

March 17, 2016

Doors open 20:15

Entrance fee: € 12,50 

What a soothing voice Joshua Hyslop has! He would be a perfect artist to record for a Rockstone Session! The singer-songwriter has been around since 2010 and is not showing any signs of stopping too soon. He is the artist to listen to on a rainy day, sitting at home when reading a book and drinking tea.

He is preparing to hit The Netherlands with a couple of jam sessions so make sure to attend one of them.

Lucerna Music Bar (Prague)


March 17, 2016

Doors open

Entrance fee:€ 15,- 

What a genuine appearance for a metal band! One of the most interesting things about this band are the names of their albums; each one of them is named after a colour, their latest one being called ‘Purple’. Growing up together and forming a punk-rock band is definitely a strong base for them, the lead singer always being there and making sure that the band sticks together no matter what. And he quite succeeded even though they went through a lot. So if you’re into Metal, Prague is the place to be!

Electric Brixton (London)

Alessia Cara

March 23, 2016

Doors open 19:00

Entrance fee: € 15,-

There’s a young talent in the house! The 19 year-old Canadian artist really knows how to put on a show. It may be her enthusiasm and energy, her charm and strong songs, or just the overall show and vibe she sends out every time she is performing. Alessia didn’t need too much time to get to the top and will tour in Europe this year.

Check out her London gig before it’s sold out!

Musik & Frieden (Berlin)


March 27, 2016

Doors open 19:00

Entrance fee: €12, –

Once again a Scandinavian band: the HEXVESSEL family are ready for their German gigs all the way from Finland. Their dark humour, so called psychedelic forest folk vibes and calling from the nature will for sure offer you an unforgettable night out in the capital of Germany. Catchy songs, good laughs and plenty of drinks make a great formula when planning a night out with some friends.



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