Even though we at Rockstone Sessions listen to music from dusk til dawn, festivals keep on surprising us with artists that have slipped to our attention. And that’s good, because every time we visit a festival, we approach it like a treasure hunt. Same goes for Down the Rabbit Hole in the Netherlands. Loads to discover there! Or even re-discover, because we have our favourites and will act groupie-like if we get a chance to see them play. Down the Rabbit Hole always provides a great line-up and loads of hidden gems for us to find.

It’s not only because of discovering new artists that we like Down the Rabbit Hole, this is always a festival where there’s loads more to do! And I’m not talking about getting burgers and chilling in the grass, although that is an option. We built a raft. No joke. Together with some other folks we made a ship (it felt like that) on Friday and they even made it to a little island thingy in the water, #skills. Also, we enjoyed the spectacular performance of Bouillabaisse supported by the amazing beat boxer MAASK. Saturday we loosened our hips on vibrant latino sounds in the beautiful new hotspot La Salon and Sunday we escaped from (rainy) reality and went for a movie in the outdoor, but fortunately roofed, cinema. And don’t let me get started about the foods and drinks… Surinam roti and a wide range of different cocktails. DAYUM! Okay, back to music.



That.voice. Just, wow. This woman, on stage in just a black gown, nothing exciting, mesmerizes with a voice that is just enchanting. I found myself nailed to the ground. To be honest I was vaguely familiar with her track ‘4 Degrees’, but I’ve already played her album Hopelesness multiple times now.


If you ever find yourself longing to the days where Oasis and Blur ruled the charts, then long no more! DMA’s is here to bring back that old skool Britpop/rock vibe, for you to dwell on. And the Australian trio is on fire! We always love a good throwback and this band proves exactly why our quest can be so satisfying.


We have this one r&b-head at the office (you know who you are) and she explicitily commanded me to go and watch Kelela. Honestly, I was a little bit skeptical, only to find myself absolutely LOVING this! Yet again a lady with an amazing voice. So glad I obeyed to the command of my colleague, because this is one talented woman. So if you’re reading this and feel hesitant, just give it a go!

Mura Masa

When I say groupie-like behaviour with artists we’ve been following for quite a while now, think us fangirling in front of the stage at a Mura Masa show. The 20-year old Alex grows with every performance he gives. In 2015 we first listened to him live on Lowlands Festival and are hooked ever since. He just doesn’t dissapoint. And although many of you will already know him, this is for who still need to catch the Mura Masa virus or those who just can’t get enough (us).


This band appeared on our radar when The Guardian wrote about them in February. As we always like a good tip, we found this band had the perfect lazy Sunday afternoon sound. Somewhat like Iron & Wine, but different. At Down the Rabbit hole it was more of a lazy ‘waking up’ session on Saturday, but nonetheless very lovely.


This was unmistakably the band discussed about most on Down the Rabbit Hole. Not as in a discussion about whether is was good or bad, more about what was the best part of the show. Everybody loved the raw energy of the fierce ladies and we couldn’t agree more. This was pure power.


Got to love British Indie! Oscar was another colourful character at Down the Rabbit Hole Festival. He sings about heartbreaks, growing up, you know, the struggles life throws at you. Why not provide it with an indie beat to lighten the spirit? So if you feel like this is something you really like, don’t hesitate to play Oscar’s album Cut and Paste. It’s a Rockstone recommendation!