As a film maker and producer I love a good music video! Whether it is new camera techniques, clever editing, twisting story lines or ways of tricking my eye and mind, I LOVE IT! After all that is what keeps the viewer engaged and entertained.

We want videos to create a conversation between people, why they love it, why they hate it and how it made them feel, so I am all for exciting new things in music video production.

AJJ - rockstone

A great example of a simple and clever music video is ‘Here It Goes Again‘ by OK Go. They released their one shot treadmill music video in 2007 which shot them to fame and won them a Grammy award for best music video. What followed in the years to come was a string of incredibly clever choreographed one-take music video which are a visual orgasm to watch.

Obviously with success, comes money. This means their production budgets sky rocketed and the craziness in the videos went up ten fold. The only thing that has always remained, is that we now expect just that from OK Go, a clever (expensive) one take video.

As much as I appreciate the production value and the crazy amount of work it takes to make these newer videos happen, I also miss the charm of the one take video of 4 guys dancing on a treadmill.

Enter American folk band AJJ! Formerly known as Andrew Jackson Jihad, they have released a music video for their latest single ‘Goodbye, Oh Goodbye’, off their forthcoming album The Bible 2 which will be released on August 19th.

What you might notice is that the video looks very familiar to the style of OK Go, but not done as well. When you get through the whole video you realize that this video is actually a bit of a piss take on what OK Go have done for years. The video end with them celebrating the making of this video in a bit of a patronizing tone.

Are AJJ trying to say “Nobody is impressed with your stupid videos”, or have they just been very clever by jumping on the OK Go band wagon?

What do you think?

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