Straight from the British highlands (Glasgow, Scotland to be more specific) Rockstone like you to meet the band Alligator. This band is your undiscovered diamond in the rough, only to be heard here in an exclusive Rockstone Session. The guys just changed their name into the one that refers to the dangerous reptile predator and are slowly but surely taking over the festival scene. For now Alligator remains somewhat of an enigma (thus far they seem to have some┬ásimilarities with the Loch Ness monster), but we can tell you they are British, they sound British – that’s a good thing – and they have a nice, somewhat grungy/garage-meets-indie-vibe going on. Of course, this sounds random and vague, but it’s just meant for you to trigger curiosity. So stop reading and start listening to the acoustic version of their track ‘Hollow’.

Camera: Mark Boulas
Edit: Juli├źn Rodenrijs
Sound Recordist: Mark Boulas

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