At the young age of twenty-six, Cyrille has since become one of the hottest young artists on the New York scene. She has already released four CDs with a variety of ensembles and performed at the top venues around the world.

To show just how talented she is, Star-Ledger reviewer Ronni Reich described her sound as “instantly recognizable” with a “soft, girlish buzz with a touch of an Edith Piaf-like quaver.” Reviewer John Fordham in The Guardian wrote that she is a “subtle and articulate vocalist” who is “light-stepping, casually fluent and persuasive” and sometimes “coolly understated in a soft glide.” Classicalite reviewer Mike Greenblatt described Aimée as “beautiful, talented, precocious, funny, cultured, with the kind of instantly-recognizable voice that has no known precedent.”

We can go on and on about how good she is and quote reviewers and critics, but the best way to prove it is to let you listen to it!

Camera: Nico De Voogd
Edit: Michael Boulas
Sound Recordist: Mark Boulas

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