How this guy only has 60 likes on Facebook is beyond us! Holland’s answer to Ed Sheeran (but much better looking!), Martijn Roggeveen is going to take over our little country very soon. His effortless guitar play, soothing voice, and creative lyrics are what will make Martijn a Dutch superstar.

He just released his debut EP entitled ‘Beyond The Pines’ on October 1st, and it’s already been on repeat here at the office. Currently playing shows where he can throughout holland, be sure to catch him live before you have to pay an extortionate sum to see him in an Arena!

As we love to do at Rockstone Sessions, we caught up with Martijn as soon as we discovered him and invitedĀ this talented musicianĀ over for two acoustic sessions! Turn up the volume and enjoy his acoustic renditions of ‘Is It Okay’ and ‘Barcelona’.

Camera: Casper Bijmans
Edit: Jelle Weber
Sound Recordist: Jelle Weber
Mixer: Rob Kanters

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