The guys from Songhoy blues sure know how to cheer you up during these cold and rainy days. This unique desert blues sound all the way from Mali is something special.
Garba TourĂ©, the guitarist had to flee his home in Northern Mali because of Jihadists. He took his guitar with him and started a new life in the south of Mali. His soul and heart were left in the north and he started making music with a northern vibe to it. African Express, based in England, heard their songs and story and flew the guys in. From this point on things moved forward pretty quickly and they now are an act every festival wants to book! Be sure to check them out live if you get a chance to and you’ll see why!

Camera: Jelle Weber
Sound Recordist: Casper Bijmans
Edit: Casper Bijmans
Mixer: Rob Kanters