Live Electronica outfit based in East London, Born in Brussels. VRWRK (formerly known as VUURWERK), part of the Run Tell Secrecy collective (, draws its creative energy from emotional suggestion and tactile sensation.
Rather than adhering to genre-specific musical characteristics associated with dance music, VRWRK challenges listeners by combining ambient and industrial with techno, dubstep, breakbeats. Always on the edge of the underground & the overground pop. VRWRK aims to drench the club experience in a comfortable melancholic haze, creating a dissonance between dance music & intimacy. It’s the kind of out-of-body experience you feel quite comfortable in.

When we approached VRWRK for a rockstone sessions we were convinced they would say no due to their insane electronic set up on stage… but to our surprise they agreed. For a band like that to take the challenge of recreating their work acoustically is amazing, and very admirable! We had the pleasure of getting a rare acoustic performance from them during Eurosonic Noorderslag, and of course we captured it for your viewing and listening pleasure!


Camera: Jelle Weber
Edit: Casper Bijmans
Sound Recordist: Casper Bijmans

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