Twenty-eight years old Ezra Furman yesterday released his third solo album called Perpetual Motion People. The singer-songwriter from Chicago definitely managed to meet the high expectations he raised with his first two works. At the moment Ezra Furman & the Boy-Friends, as his band is called, are promoting the album with a grand tour through Europe. This includes a show at the free Valkhof Festival In Nijmegen, which we can absolutely recommend attending. The front man started this combination in 2012. That year he recorded his debut called The Year of No Returning, which he funded with money raised with Kickstarter. That album, as well as his second one called Day of the Dog (2013), received fantastic reviews from many different acknowledged music mediums worldwide.


Just before releasing his third work Furman said to his fans: “I suppose you can expect nothing and we’ll give you everything.” Furthermore he mentioned that he wanted to create the album exactly the way he wanted, without having the limitations of holding on to certain genres. This can be heard in the doo-wop and punk influences, next to the characteristic indie rock sound you’d expect from him. This might also has to do with the fact that he took quite an active role in producing the album this time. This has mainly been done by Tim Sandusky, who’s also the saxophonist of the band. However, Furman mentioned that they kind of engineered it together. “We just played parts, stayed up late and acted like mad scientists in a lab. It kind of got out of control and the record turned into something I hadn’t planned.” Something Furman actually sees as a good thing. The first single of Perpetual Motion People, called ‘Restless Year’, certainly proves it all worked out good, check it out!