Trade is the mission! Help Rockstone at Lowlands Festival on a treasure hunt that will lead to the ultimate trade: with Diplo (also known as one of the masterminds behind Major Lazer)! Why you ask? Well, why not? We’re not afraid of a little challenge!

Rockstone Sessions is at Lowlands Festival this weekend at Biddinghuizen (Netherlands) and decided to do something totally different: a trade off. Sure, we will keep you posted on the best acts and the all round vibe at the festival, but most of all you will read/see/hear about the trade off we’re doing. With little video’s and status updates on Instagram you’ll see which crazy trades we’re making and how this will hopefully lead us to Diplo for a grande finale.

Can’t do this without the visitors of the festival though! So if you have anything to trade or wish to take part in this lively – kind of insane – trading game, reach out for us at Lowlands (check our shirts with the logo and hashtag). We might even have a sweet deal for you!


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