Amartey always praises his Ghanaian roots, as he does with the place he was born and raised in: Amsterdam Southeast, a place where creative talent is rising and slowly taking over the Netherlands. Amartey has been making music for a while now, most of the time working with the talented producer QUESI. The sweet sound of Amartey’s music, which is a crossover between afropop, reggae and soul, will make you feel like it’s a happy summerday. In his music you will hear him declaring his love and respect for the black woman, by which he wishes to inspire and empower all young black females to love their natural selves.

Amartey swung by our Rockstone office to film two acoustic versions of his tracks for you to enjoy! Here are “Vice Versa” and “Time To Remember”!

Camera: Jelle Weber
Edit: Mark Boulas
Sound Recordist: Casper Bijmans