Odina is a songwriter who has the power to hit you like a ten ton bus with her elegant, often haunting, take on simple pop balladry.

Continuing where her previous single “Why’d You Make Me Cry” left off, “I’m Not Asking” is another stripped-back song that puts Odina‘s lyrical maturity on full display. It relies on the striking simplicity of a ‘less is more’ attitude, and is never left wanting for any thrills or novelties to enhance it.

Speaking on the track’s simplicity, Odina explains how she wanted to leave the music to speak for itself, saying “I usually go for this cinematic approach when making music, especially with ‘I’m Not Asking’. I wanted the arrangements to speak for themselves, keeping everything very simple. It is a simple song with a simple message so it only made sense to keep it simple.”

There’s a purity to the song that is fueled by longing and honest emotion, where her true feelings are able to shine through the sparse textures. The track is taken from her upcoming EP which is due to be released later this summer.
Source: The Line Of Best Fit

Camera: Casper Bijmans
Sound Recordist: Michael Boulas
Edit: Casper Bijmans