Life is Easy. You get a name, make some money, worry about the things you won’t change and lean back, on a windless day.

‘Life is Easy’ is an album written by 5 guys out of the least cozy province of the Netherlands. An album written in the tradition of rock ‘n roll and love for pointy pop songs.

In between the pleasing melodies and gritty guitar riffs lie some pseudo-scholarly words on issues that are relevant to every average human being: money and girls, how strange it is to have a name, the inescapable death by the hand of the bomb and/or the sadness of growing old and/or simply forgetting to wake up in the morning.

To promote their new album Afterpartees recorded two acoustic versions of their songs with Rockstone Sessions… enjoy!

Camera: Casper Bijmans
Sound Recordist: Jelle Weber
Edit: Michael Boulas