It’s been 21 (!) years since Muse front man Matthew Bellamy met his fellow band members Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard at their school in Teignmouth. Currently, those high school kids are in their thirties and the musical project they started back then turned out to become one of the biggest Rock bands of the moment. Last Friday the British trio released their seventh studio album, which is called Drones. The album totally fits the ‘Muse sound’ as we’ve grown to recognize. This doesn’t mean it is predictable or lacks innovation, but again confirms the band’s ability to create world class rock songs full of socially involved lyrics.

With its distinctive sound, Muse has already won over thirty awards. Their music touches multiple genres, such as space rock, alternative rock and progressive rock. Besides that, it is sometimes complemented with electronic music and has some classical influences. Bellamy once said that their music is based on the conflict between the physical, aggressive feeling of hard rock and the more pondering and abstract classical music. Muse’s typical sound moreover involves lyrics that frequently treat themes like conspiracy theories, the extraterrestrial or political issues.

In Drones, the band takes a step back from the bombastic sound they developed in the past years and aims to sound more like the Muse they started with. The lyrics are again far from superficial and all devoted to the theme of drones. On BBC Radio 1 Bellamy mentioned the album is “a modern metaphor for what it is to lose empathy” and treats his concerns about drone warfare.

Below is the lyric video of ‘Psycho’, which was already released in March as a promotional single. True Muse fans might recognize the main riff in it, since the band has been playing that during live shows for many years already. The entire album is now available online or on CD, CD + DVD, Vinyl and Deluxe edition.